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15 2019.04

Properties of amino acid fertilizer

Fast fertilizer efficiency: compared with other nitrogen fertilizers, amino acid fertilizer can quickly provide plants with amino acids and other nutrients. The amino acid components absorbed by plants can directly participate in protein synthesis in plants without transformation, thus reducing the energy consumption of plant physical fitness.
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15 2019.03

Production of amino acid multi-element fertilizer and its effect on Soil

Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, and soil and fertilizer are the foundation of agriculture. The leading agriculture in the 21st century is ecological agriculture, and the leading food in the 21st century is green food.
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11 2019.05

Future prospect of amino acid fertilizer

Amino acid fertilizer produced by hydrolysis or fermentation contains a large number of small molecular organic compounds, so it has been developed rapidly as a chelating agent to develop new multifunctional fertilizer.
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02 2019.03

Nutritional efficacy of monomer nitro acids

The monomer amino acids often added in aquatic feed are lysine and methionine, because energy feed and plant protein feed are two bulk raw materials in aquatic feed, lysine is the most lacking in energy feed, and methionine is the most lacking in plant protein feed.
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05 2019.06

Tackling key problems of improved varieties adds "green" and "fragrance" to wheat

Wheat is the main body of summer grain production. Capturing a good summer grain harvest is the basis for increasing production throughout the year. Among them, Huang Huai wheat area is not only the dominant production area of high-quality and strong wheat, but also the frequent occurrence area of scab. In recent years, scab has occurred frequently and repeatedly, which has seriously threatened the development of China's wheat industry and the safety of rations.
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