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Application and precautions of amino acid raw powder

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The original amino acid powder is mainly made from natural keratin hair or bean cake. After hydrolysis, deacidification, desalting and spray drying, it contains 18 kinds of free amino acids.

  The original amino acid powder is made from natural keratin hair or bean cake as main raw material by hydrolysis, deacidification, desalting and spray drying. It mainly contains 18 kinds of free amino acids. It is suitable for feed and agricultural applications. The appearance of this product is yellow powder, which is easy to dissolve in water and absorb moisture. The role and main effects of feed amino acid powder in feed use are: 1. Increase aroma and freshness, and promote animal appetite. 2. Quickly supplement animal nutrition. 3. Promote the growth of animal fur. 4. It has a certain bonding ability. Mixing with other powders can enhance particles and reduce feed waste. The main effects of fertilizer amino acids in agriculture are as follows: 1. The total nitrogen content of this product is about 2%, and contains inorganic nitrogen and organic nitrogen. It has a long-term and quick-acting nitrogen supplement effect on plant growth. 2. Amino acid itself is rich in protein, which is certainly a plant nutrient. 3. Glycine can increase plant chlorophyll content and enzyme activity, and promote plant light cooperation. 4. This product regulates and supplements plants through its own multifunctional nutrients. It is a plant growth regulator. 5. Amino acid is also a practical complexing agent. It can complex a large number of elements such as N, P and K, and trace elements such as Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B and mo.

  Use and dosage of amino acid raw powder:

  1. The dosage of feed additive is 15%

  2. The main amount of flushing fertilizer and foliar fertilizer is about 5-20%

  3. The addition amount of compound (mixed) fertilizer and biological fertilizer is 5-20%

  4. Pesticides. Dosage of bactericide 3-10%

  Precautions for use of amino acid raw powder:

  1. This product is easy to absorb moisture. Be sure to seal it against moisture when it is not used up.

  2. When adding in feed, it is not necessary to crush and add mixing after crushing other raw materials to avoid adhering to the equipment.

  3. When formulating the feed, please fully consider the salt content (NH4Ci) of the product and determine the addition amount based on its ***** salt content of 48%.

  4. This product is very soluble in water. When making leaf fertilizer with this product, it should be produced in strict accordance with the formula proportion.

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